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Recipes | Good Food Company

  • Chicken Tacos

    Chicken Tacos

    Season chicken with our taco seasoning for chicken and take the taco dinner to new levels. 
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  • Pulled Pork Naanwich

    Pulled Pork Naanwich

    Taking the time to slow roast a pork joint may not be something you want to do regularly, but it can be so rewarding when you do. This recipe is full of warm, aromatic spices that complement the sweetness of the meat. The fresh, tart flavours of the slaw are the perfect accompaniment and your choice of Geeta’s chutney provides the finishing touch.
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  • chilli con carne recipe lifestyle image

    Guinness Chilli Con Carne Recipe

    A rich, smoky chilli con carne with the distinctive essence of Guinness. Create this hearty chilli in under 30 minutes with a delicious depth of flavour that tastes like it's been simmering for hours. 
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  • ale & steak recipe lifestyle image

    Guinness Ale & Steak Pie Recipe

    Deliciously rich and comforting, this homemade Steak & Ale Pie recipe with the essence of real Guinness is a pub classic sure to please everyone around the table.
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  • Garlic Pesto Toast

    Garlic Pesto Toast

    This garlic Pesto toast is made within minutes and is packed with flavour for a delicious savoury start to the day.
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  • Fish Tacos Recipe Image

    Fish Tacos

    Give fish tacos a go! Spiced with our delicious taco seasoning and topped with fresh cucumber and avocado for the perfect accompaniment .

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  • Tamarind Potato, Mushroom & Green Bean Salad

    Tamarind Potato, Mushroom & Green Bean Salad

    Originally from Africa, tamarind trees have been cultivated in India for to long that they are almost considered to be indigenous. With its sticky, sweet and sour flavour, our Premium Tamarind Chutney brings plenty of flavour to this delightful salad dish.

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